Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Vextor.TV - Just a small cog in the machine that is the internet...

Undoubtedly you've never heard of Vextor.TV, so I think the most appropriate step forward would be to tell you who and what we are. So firstly, looking at the who part - the we back there is me, and the me is Kai, and I....am a sci-fi fan and computer geek. (Sounds a bit like an AA meeting confession).

About 6 months ago I wanted to try and set-up a community driven and open-source, video links database - for TV Shows, Movie's, Cartoons, Animé and Documentaries - except I wanted one that would give back to its users by rewarding them with a little money for submitting links; rather than a site that cashes in on peoples well spent time and effort link hunting. As an idea this was great but when it came down to actually coding this thing, the task became more difficult than originally anticipated. Undeterred I have ploughed on little-by-little and am now almost ready to release the source code to the public. The plan is that this release will be a stepping-stone to drive this project forward with community based input, and allow it to grow.

Site's of this nature currently have a lot of pop-up/under advertising or intrusive overlays that can dampen the users experience, hence Vextor.TV will only ever have non-intrusive on page adverts - enough to cover the cost of hosting, maintaining the site and giving back to the community; I am not out to make millions!

So, that's the project summarised... Everything should be live within the next month - hopefully by September, but depending on testing and tweaking requirements might be October 1st (No later than this).

Public Request For Help
I am currently looking for people that want to do some testing and/or participate in the development of Vextor.TV, being an open-source project all credit will be granted where credit is due! If you are interested please e-mail blog [at] vextor [dot] tv (Without spaces and [at]="@", [dot]=".") or Click Here to visit the forum.

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